Topside/Silverside, Boned And Rolled

Topside/Silverside, Boned And Rolled




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Topside/silverside is a boneless cut from the top of the hind leg. This is boned (i.e. boneless) and rolled.

All cuts are from the hindquarter, there are various names for these cuts which include Corner Cut, H-Bone, , Top Side, Siver Side and Top Round

This is the classic British cut for a Sunday Roast, great for the family to sit around a table on any day. We are offering 1-3kg cuts, 1kg is good for 1-3 people, 3kgs should be good for up to 6 people.

These are really tender cuts so no need to roast for too long, if you don't like your meat pink inside an old butchers trick was to insert metal skewers through the larger joints before cooking to make sure the whole roast cooked evenly throughout.

Grass Fed

Hand Slaughtered Without Stun

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