Our Suppliers - The Best in the Business

We want to ensure that local people benefit from Abraham's. We have built strong ties with a small team of people who share our vision of high quality meat from high quality animals.

We have visited each supplier, met their animals and saw for ourselves the beautiful relationship they had. We looked at the level of care they displayed, we observed how the animals behaved and spent a good amount of time talking about what we wanted to achieve so the suppliers could see what we were about. We invite all of our suppliers to work with us after we have been through this whole process. We search out the best of the best. We talk to farmers about each other to really find out what is going on and who can be trusted. This has served us well over the years as we now have a trusted network of people that give us even more support than we could have dreamt in the beginning. You, us and our suppliers are one unit, working with each other to realise this vision. You see how you all are part of it, without our customers the whole vision collapses. We need you!

Look at our suppliers and if you want to check up on us and make sure we are doing what we say we are give them a call and ask them whatever you want! They will probably tell us off but we will deal with that!

Our suppliers are:

Romshed Farm – Seven Oaks - Fidelity Weston


Organic Certified
Lamb, Mutton and sometimes organic beef that we slaughter with captive bolt

Model Farm – Ross on Wye - Simon Cutter


Organic certified
Lamb and Mutton

Troed Foel Farm – Cader Idris, Snowdonia - Will Jones

Organic Certified
Lamb and Mutton

Black Welsh Lamb – Abergavenny - Sarah and Nick


Organic certified
Lamb and Mutton

Rush Farm – Redditch


Organic Certified – Bio Dynamic certified
Lamb, Mutton and Hereford cattle

Cwrt Henllys Farm – South Wales - Chris and Ceri


Organic Certified
Lamb, Mutton and Aberdeen Angus Short Horn cattle

Otter Valley Poultry – Devon – Ross Gardner


Chicken and Poultry