At Abraham's and we are fanatical about good, nutrient dense food. We believe that meat has an important role to play in nutrition and that we should be sourcing the best, Halal, Tayib and ethical meat.

Disillusioned with the state of the meat industry the idea to source good quality meat for themselves and their family found its legs and soon Muhammed and Nicci Ridha realised that there was a potential to do something of great value for the community.

The business took off and was sold to the current owners Zeki and Ridwana in 2010. From a humble spreadsheet of about twenty people we have grown steadily and are now sending all over the country. From Inverness to Skegness, from Yorkshire to Buckinghamshire, people are choosing us for our Halal, Tayib and Ethical produce.

We all take heed from the famous saying “You are what you eat” and that we must be accountable for what goes into our mouths as well as what comes out of it! We should care about how our food is produced and we should care deeply about the process of how that animal turns into a piece of meat on our plates. It is time that we all returned to eating meat that is pure, natural and traceable. Meat that is slaughtered correctly and above all from animals that have been treated with compassion. This is Prophetic way, the humane way.

The animals we use for all come from smallholders and farmers who share our vision of high quality meat from high quality animals, that have lived full and healthy lives in their natural environment. Each and every animal is slaughtered by licensed professionals who approach the task with the correct state of consciousness and awareness to ensure the meat is Halal, observing the rules and rejecting what is not within the boundaries of Halal slaughter. If we don’t slaughter the meat ourselves we do our own audit on where the slaughter takes place and will not sell anything that we cannot assure ourselves from the farm to your home.

We give you our guarantee and our word that you are eating the best grade of meat you can buy, assured Halal and 100% cruelty free. We are proud to say this and we hope that you and your families can benefit as much as possible.

We see it as our duty to provide our customers with what we want to consume ourselves and feed our children, naturally reared and Organic Halal meat. We do this because we care. We do this because it is the right thing to do.

Halal. Tayib. Ethical. Enough said!

Eat well and be happy!

The Abraham's Team