These products really are a must for all Muslims.

We supply these just to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

Zaytoun is a social enterprise inspired by a love of Palestinian culture, communities and cuisine. They are dedicated to bringing you the very best from Palestine’s fertile groves and fields, existing to support Palestinian farmers through fair trade. 100% of their profits are reinvested towards delivering their mission.

These are high quality, traceable Fairtrade products. Produced by Palestinian families fighting the oppression of the State which controls their lives.

A company with fantastic products and a undeniable history of helping Palestinian farmers. They have inspired so many projects and are for us they have set the standard. Dates, Olive Oil and Za'tar, Nutrient dense products that nourish you and help nourish families for whom this trade is a lifeline.

We urge all of our customers to educate themselves and see what products they currently purchase and companies they do business with. There are many everyday products where profits go on to support the genocide, ethnic cleansing and terrorism of our brothers a sisters around the world and particularly in Palestine.

Educate yourselves and though it's uncomfortable and inconvenient especially with cutting out some of our favourite products, it will be worth it.

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