Organic Halal Chicken - Soil Association Certified

Organic Halal Chicken - Soil Association Certified





Whole Organic Halal Chicken, comes with giblets.

Abraham's Organic Halal Chicken's are the best around! Tastes just like it should do, like the chicken, our Grandparents used to eat! Our supplier Otter Valley Poultry has a great reputation for rearing magnificent organic birds. Our Farmers work hard to maintain a good mixture of pasture and feed so the chickens get the best from their environment. They get lots of clover and mixed grasses in their diet which translates into a healthier and more nutrient-dense chicken.

They are all allowed to flap their wings and strut their stuff, like a wonderful Chicken Fashion show! This keeps them healthy and happy, creating deep flavoured and superior organic meat.

Certified organic by the Soil Association. Licensee number: P5599. Please see the Organic Halal Poultry menu on the left for more information on the organic credentials of Otter Valley Poultry.

Please note this is a whole chicken item. If you want the equivalent item cut into pieces then please see our Tayib chicken range for various products that will suit your needs.

Halal Procedure for Organic Chickens:

Organic Chicken has to be stunned as per organic regulations in the UK/Europe

Organic Chickens are brought to the slaughterhouse in crates on the day and are kept in the loading bay. Their feet are shackled and they are loaded onto a line upside down where they are pre-stunned in a water bath, which renders the chicken unconscious, immobile, and insensible to pain. This stun is set to a legally approved current, which is designed to stun the chicken and not to kill it. As proof of this, the chicken should recover completely with 3-4 minutes after a pre-stun. There is a 10-second gap between a water bath stun and slaughter.

During slaughter, we make sure that each chicken is respected and killed as quickly as possible after the stun to further minimise the possibility that the chicken died before slaughter.

We also say the Tasmiya prayer on every chicken in a state of consciousness, awareness, and gratitude. We don't take this trust lightly.

After the chicken has bled out, it is scalded to soften the feathers, plucked with a machine, and everything else finished by hand. Its entrails are then removed and disposed of after a vet inspection. The chickens are washed and also inspected by a FSA registered vet and hung on racks, cooled, and dispatched the next day to Abraham's own processing unit in Kent.

Current Weight Range: 1.5 to 1.8kg (weight can vary due to natural variation in growth)

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