Whole Aqiqah Lamb - Tayib (16kg-20kg)

Whole Aqiqah Lamb - Tayib (16kg-20kg)



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As a service to our wonderful community, we are honoured to be able to fulfil an Aqiqah for your child in accordance to Islamic Tradition.

If you would like to order, please can you either email or WhatsApp us your requirements. We only slaughter Aqiqah to order so that we can mention the name of the child at the time of slaughter as is a strong tradition.

You will be unable to order this directly from the website without speaking to us first and agreeing a delivery date.

When placing an order for the Aqiqah we need to know the name of the child and the father's name, i.e. Ali bin Muhammad or Aisha bint Muhammad etc. With this trust we proceed to select a fine lamb for the child.

Please also confirm how you would like your meat. Chops will come as chops always unless your instructions say otherwise. The legs and shoulders can be diced (on or off the bone), steaked, halved, sliced or left whole. Anything left over we will dice on the bone and pack it separately for curry or stock.

Please Note: If we do not receive any cutting instructions from you then we will process the whole lamb as diced on bone (curry pieces) as is usual in our communities.

We can now distribute any share of your Aqiqah to charity so kindly stipulate if you wish us to do this on your behalf. We will send your meat to needy families in the local area and via muslim led soup kitchens and charities.

The Tradition says two lambs for a boy and one lamb for a girl.

Slaughter Dates:

Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to arrange slaughter and discuss delivery dates. We generally carry out a slaughter once a week but please bear in mind we can only stick to our own processing schedule so this is not a service for you if you are in a hurry!

Please Note: We cannot accommodate anyone wishing to sacrifice an animal by themselves as this is not permitted by law.

Approximate Total Weight (before cutting): 16-20kg

Please Note: This lamb is Tayib and Halal hand slaughtered at Euro Quality Lambs, a Muslim owned slaughterhouse. All lambs are made halal without any form of stunning.

We take great care in providing you this product information, as our products and ingredients may change faster than we are able to update this website, please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding any products on this website.