Qurbani 2024

We can now offer customers the unique privilege of carrying out the Qurbani 2024 as it was meant to be done. Through accepting your trust we carry out the Qurbani on your behalf, ensuring your Qurbani 2024 is slaughtered specifically for you in order that the reward is passed to you. We are offering Qurbani Online.

Please make sure you tell us who/person/family to make the Qurbani 2024 intention for, also if you would like us to distribute some to charity please state the quantity in the notes of your order.

Please note all of our Qurbani Mutton will be more than one year old and thus fulfil all Qurbani Online Sharia requirements.

We are very sorry to say but you may have noticed Qurban prices are very, very high this year everywhere. There is a perfect storm of the cost of living crisis, Brexit and inflation causing the cost of lamb to be at their highest ever for the UK.

As we have a wonderful relationship with our Organic farmers we are getting special treatment so we are keeping our prices as low as possible, but these are still higher than previous years.

Please see our Qurbani products below for more information including delivery times, logistics and FAQs!