Abraham's Finest PFLA Certified Beef

Abraham's Finest PFLA Certified Beef

This is not our normal beef. These are beautiful traditional Hereford cattle from our friends at Rush Farm in Redditch. These animals are fed hay, silage and grass from March to November. Free from soy, corn wheat and all the grains and other things that are normally fed to cattle.

This beef is Grass Fed, Grass Finished, Antibiotic Free, GM Feed Free, clean as you can get!

We cant say anything about nutrition due to legislation and trading standards but those of you who know about grass finished beef know the score! Very popular with Cross-fit practitioners and many top athletes, Paleo and Ancestral Health enthusiasts. Do look up the benefits of PFLA farming too. Best beef around for miles!!!

This is rare and very hard to get hold of in the halal market. Stock up while you can as we aren't sure if we'll get this again anytime soon!

This product is meat from an animal raised in a Biodynamic farm that is also Organic and PFLA certified. We cannot label this product as organic due to a technicality in the slaughterhouse where it was made halal.


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