Halal Grass Fed Beef Rib-Eye Steak (450g)

Halal Grass Fed Beef Rib-Eye Steak (450g)


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Halal Grass Fed Beef Rib-Eye Steak

An old classic and personal favourite, rib eye comes from a cow's fore rib section. It has a wonderful rich flavour and is very tender because there are pockets of fat in the steak. Best enjoyed medium rare to medium.

The youthful trendy eater's steak. It is marbled with a central piece of fat and, because of that, is very tasty.

Pack of 2 x 8oz Steaks.

Abraham's Tayib Grass Finished Beef is one of a kind.

We source our Tayib Beef from farms that go one step further than the standard grass fed that you find as we make sure that the animals are also grass finished. This means that they have received no supplemental pelletized feed and only hay, grass and silage with no grains. No soy, corn wheat or barley would have been fed to this animal. We can't talk about any thing to do with nutrition on this site due to legislation but those who know about grass finished beef will know what they have found!

Please look at our slaughter section about how our Tayib Grass Finished Beef is slaughtered so you can make an informed choice about the meat you are consuming.

We take great care in providing you this product information however it is done in good faith and should not be considered a substitute for the information on the producer’s label. All products are subject to change which may affect the ingredients list and/or allergy advice given on this website. If you require further information please contact the producer direct using the information in this website or on the product label.