Angus T-Bone Halal Steak (700g)

Angus T-Bone Halal Steak (700g)

Guide: 700g/each

Size: 700g/each
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The Great T-Bone steak also known as the king of steaks.

These are prime Aberdeen Angus Steaks with plenty of marbling and very tender when cooked right.

Not sure what steak to try? the T-Bone has a fillet Steak on one side and a Sirloin Steak on the other side separated by the classic 'T-Bone'

This is a juicy, thick marbled steak. If you're a steak lover with a healthy appetite, a T-Bone steak is a must have.

Each Steak Weights approximately 700g

Cooking Tip

Steak is simple! Hot Pan. Sear 2 minutes on both sides. Leave on low flame until done to required taste. Well done: 15mins. Medium: 10mins. Rare: 5mins. Let rest for 5 mins. Add favourite seasoning: salt/pepper/other. Enjoy!

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