Angus T-Bone Halal Steak (500g)

Angus T-Bone Halal Steak (500g)




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The Great British T-Bone steak is prepared from the short loin. With a fillet and sirloin separated by a T-Bone this is a juicy, thick marbled steak. If you're a steak lover with a healthy appetite, a T-Bone steak is a must have.

Pack Weight: 500g

Cooking Tip

Steak is simple! Hot Pan. Sear 2 minutes on both sides. Leave on low flame until done to required taste. Well done: 15mins. Medium: 10mins. Rare: 5mins. Let rest for 5 mins. Add favourite seasoning: salt/pepper/other. Enjoy!

Aged 15-28 Days Minimum

Hand Slaughtered Without Stun

Mostly Grass Fed

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