Abrahams Qurbani Mutton Option B: Joints

Abrahams Qurbani Mutton Option B: Joints


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Qurbani Orders 2024 - Abraham’s Halal Meat

Option B: Separate Primals/Joints

High quality Naturally Reared Sheep. Available in three different cutting options.

Option B will be cut as follows:

  • Legs x 2: Packed as Whole Legs in Two Bags.

  • Shoulder x 2: Packed as Whole Shoulders in Two Bags.

  • Front & Back Chops: One Bag.

  • Neck: Cut into Slices.

  • Breast: Cut as Separate Ribs.

Please Note: You can only book a Qurbani delivery slot when checking out.

Donating to Charity

If you wish us to distribute all or part of your Qurbani to charity, please stipulate this in the Comments Section. We will be donating your charitable Qurbani meat via SWAN London. You can donate any part of your Qurbani for charity, specifying either the quantity or joint or both. Please support them!

Important Note

Lambs are not suitable for Qurbani this year as they are not older than six months. We will be only offering sheep/ewes/mutton (over two years old). Very limited numbers this year so please order early to avoid disappointment.

When Will My Qurbani Be Slaughtered?

Currently, there are two possible Eid Dates: Sunday 16th June 2024 or Monday 17th June 2024. We respect the fact that the Muslim community may well be doing Eid on two separate days. Generally, we will go with the official Eid of London's major mosques. We will endeavor to have all of our Qurbani sheep slaughtered on the first or second day of Eid. Slaughtering for Qurbani is allowed to take place up until the third day of Eid, according to the Islamic tradition.

Please note: All of our Qurbani Sheep will be Halal hand slaughtered at Euro Quality Lambs slaughterhouse without any form of stunning. Every Qurbani we do will be exactly traced so you will definitely receive the meat that was slaughtered in your name.

When Will My Qurbani Be Delivered?

We usually receive our Qurbani's on the second day of Eid. We will then cut and process your Qurbani and dispatch them across the UK in an insulated box with ice. All deliveries will be sent by DPD couriers on a tracked next-day service so you will know exactly when your Qurbani will arrive. We may be delivering some Qurbani orders in London in our own vans.

We can defer the delivery date of your Qurbani to up to a week after Eid day and it will keep fresh for this time. Kindly choose the delivery date that suits you best and we will be happy to accommodate your requests.

Delivery Dates available for Qurbani: Courier Deliveries will be from Thursday 20th June 2024.

What Offal Can I Get With My Qurbani?

We receive a limited amount of Offal (lungs/heart/liver/kidney only) so if you would like this to be added to your order then please stipulate this in the comments section. You will NOT be sent any offal if you don't stipulate it in the comments section. First come first served as supply is always limited yearly.

The slaughterhouse charges for head, trotters, and tripe if you do want one of these items, we have created separate products for them. Please add what you need to your order.

When Can I Pick Up My Qurbani From Vale Farm?

We will have all Qurbani order pickups ready from Thursday 20th June 11:00 to 15:00. Kindly book these on our system as Vale Farm Collection to avoid disappointment as slots are limited. There may be earlier slots for this, we will let you know.

Can I Order Other Items With My Qurbani Order?

Yes, of course you can and we encourage you to do so, stock permitting.

Can I Have My Qurbani Cut In Another Way?

Due to operational constraints for what is the busiest time of year for us, it is not possible to offer any bespoke cutting of Qurbani during Eid.

Why Can't I Receive My Qurbani Earlier?

The main reason is that Qurbani slaughter can only begin after everyone prays Eid Salah, then we have inspection, loading to the trucks and delivery to shops. This all takes time. If you are able to pick up Qurbani lamb from a butcher on the first day of Eid, the chances are it was slaughtered before Eid Salah. Also, we manage quite difficult logistics between our farmers, the slaughterhouse, transport to Vale Farm, cutting & processing then dispatching and delivering to you via DPD couriers or our drivers. All of this takes time and we do not want to rush things with what is a special service for our customers. We also make sure the actual animal slaughtered for you is tracked all the way through our process so that you receive the Qurbani dedicated to you - this doesn't usually happen elsewhere in the Halal market as many people may or may not be aware.

How Much Qurbani Meat Will I Receive?

Inshallah we hope the Mutton will come out between 18kg-20kg of meat to all customers usually as diced on bone/curry pieces packets.

For more Qurbani FAQ's kindly check this link of our slaughterhouse partners and good friends: Euro Quality Lambs - Qurbani FAQs.

May Allah accept all of our sacrifice!

We take great care in providing you this product information, as our products and ingredients may change faster than we are able to update this website, please contact us directly if you have any questions regarding any products on this website.